[Success Story] Tina Munir on How to Tackle the Canadian Dental Hygiene Boards!

[Success Story] Tina Munir on How to Tackle the Canadian Dental Hygiene Boards!

It’s April! Some students are preparing for the boards and some already took it!  For all those who passed, Congratulations!! To keep spreading the good news and positive vibes, StudentRDH is so proud to share another success story from a very dedicated student: Tina Munir.  Tina just passed the Canadian boards and she told us all about her experience at the test center during the exam day. 

✍ When she was in dental hygiene school, Tina couldn’t figure out why they had paper exams instead of using computers, since the board exam is on a computer. She shared her concern with a senior student who told her to use StudentRDH to prepare for the boards as it is computer format and it has a mock exam.  ☝

She says: “If you use StudentRDH, you will have no anxiety during the exam” 

Tina has answers to questions such as: What to do if you get stuck, what if you get a difficult question, how to tackle case studies and much more!  

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